May 12

Prom & Punishment. Is This Chivalry or A Crime?

So, check this out.

Think back:   How did your date ask you to Prom?

Bet it wasn’t like this High School senior.   And it got him banned completely from the Prom!

Now, TENS of THOUSANDS of people are demanding a retraction of the Prom Punishment.

One Shelton, Connecticut student is getting way more attention than his bargained for…

According to James Tate, he thought a written invitation would garner his a “Yes” from his date…  here’s how he did it… giant letters on the side of the building at Shelton High School.

Check it out:

Prom Prince & Princess: Do They Deserve The Last Dance?

It got him a the “Yes” he wanted, it also got him BANNED from the Prom altogether by the Headmaster, plus a one-day suspension.

And now it’s getting him National attention.  They appeared on this morning’s Today Show with Matt Lauer

“I feel like it would have been more appropriate to make me clean up the letters or spend a weekend there cleaning up trash outside the school, mopping the floors … maybe a week of detention, just so I don’t miss my prom,” James said.

Now Social Media is on FIRE.  Many speaking up and demanding Tate and Somali get the Prom Fairytale Ending.

School officials are expected to make a statement sometime today.

Is this much a-do about nothing, or do the Prom Prince & Princess deserve the last dance?  Is this a Teen Trespassing or chivalry?  Does the Prom Punishment fit the crime?

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