Apr 01

“NO.” Top Reasons Why That Little Word Holds Big Power


Go ahead, repeat it.


Such BIG power in such a small word.

Board meeting at work, extra time on the job, extra points with the boss, volunteer coordinator, extra project, neighborhood committee, lunch, social event, charity event, church function, baseball game… the list goes on and on to the demands on our time as Moms.  And many of you, like me,  have the “Disease to Please.” So we take it all on.  Because you feel you must.

The Empowered Mom is the new Supermom!

The Empowered Mom is the new Supermom!  Say NO.  Say it a lot!  Say it often!  When you say no to others more, you say yes to yourself.  You say YES to your living as your BEST SELF.  You say yes to loving yourself more; to loving your husband more, to loving your kids MORE.

In doing so, you take back control. You make the changes you want for your family.  You impact not just your everydays, but you impact your family for generations to come.  Make no mistake – your role is critical in your home.

By saying a few less ‘Yes’s and few more ‘No’s, you then take steps to:

  • Define your priorities and your values for you, for you family
  • Find a more appropriate, effective balance for your family
  • Start enjoying your kids more; enjoy the privilege of being a parent
  • Value your role as Mother and Chief Executive Officer of the Home, at your job, for yourself

Slow down, take a breath. Say No.  The impact will be huge – the impact you make in your children’s lives through a nurturing, loving environment is breath-taking.

Through this you will reduce the crushing overwhelm and the hopelessness that starves your soul – no, you will be empowered to make a difference for you and your family!

Let’s Practice.  Go ahead, say it with me.

Feel like you have to do everything?


Feel like you have to be perfect?


Feel like you need to be at every event?


Will saying more “NO”s and using these tips help you live as The Empowered Mom?


That’s the SuperPower of The Empowered Mom.



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  1. Tracy Bonnewell

    Back in college I read a book by Anne Rahn that impressed upon the modern woman to be more ” selfish” in a productive positive way. By putting yourself first this allows for personal growth, self respect and in turn a stronger centered person when interacting with others. Its a win- win for all. Thanks for reminding me that its ok to say no and not feel guilty.

    1. The Empowered Mom

      LOVE your comments! And So funny you should mention the word, “Selfish” – I am writing a blog post on that very topic right now. I am a firm believer in that! Once we give ourselves all away – we truly have NOTHING to give. We are nurturers by nature. But if we fail to nurture ourselves, we fail to realize the power of investing in ourselves. I (as well as so many moms) can speak from personal experience of the times when we took time for ourselves vs. the times we didn’t. It’s ironic that when you are putting more into “YOU” – your family actually gets more from you. And when we are ‘selfish’, we don’t have less to offer – we offer more – and so much more brilliantly.

  2. Carolyn Spurgin

    very timely & timeless …thank you!

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Such a small word with such Huge power!! Thanks Carolyn!! 👍🏼💯

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