May 19

It’s Going Viral!! The Movie Marriage Proposal – The Movie Comes To Life

Get your popcorn!

This will certainly be the summer blockbuster – and the feel-good hit of the season.

Dubbed the greatest marriage proposal in the history of YouTube.

With ALREADY almost 3 MILLION hits on You Tube – this one YA GOTTA SEE!

Dubbed the greatest marriage proposal in the history of YouTube.

A man created a custom movie trailer as part of an elaborate in-theater proposal, somehow convinced the movie theater to play his work amongst the normal previews, and then uploaded the whole thing to YouTube to make women and men cry!

Watch her reaction. She recognizes her Daddy’s voice, Matt’s voice, but it’s not quite registering…not quite sure….is it? How could it be.

And her Daddy giving the blessing – forget it, the tear-factor is tear-jerker!!!

Just when you think you’ve seen the most creative marriage proposal on YouTube, another comes along to take the crown. The trailer created by “Matt” consists mostly of him asking for his girlfriend’s father’s blessing and then racing to the movie theater, where he gets down on one knee and proposes. Outstanding.

Then, when the tears are already flowing…. kick in the humor, and the popcorn – as he stops to buy popcorn and the slow-motion race through the hallways.

There will always be a market for these videos, as viewers have an enormous appetite for the romantic and the heartwarming. It’s extending well beyond marriage proposals, too, as the recent trend in elaborate prom-invitation videos shows.

Face it – we’re often saps! Audiences just love a good, old-fashioned romance. When there’s a bit of creativity and ingenuity involved as well,(or in this case – a LOT of it) it’s even more likely to get lots of attention. This video was guaranteed to go viral before it ever got uploaded to YouTube.

Ya gotta give it to the theater too for taking part. They’re about to get a huge amount of free publicity when this video goes nuclear.

This whole thing shows the power of emotion.

But THIS one, ya – doesn’t only happen in the movies – the movie is real life.


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