Apr 14

Get Uncorked! The Bubbly Gives Back.

Get “Uncorked”!

Get this.  Bubbles. Bubbles. Everywhere.  We taste a variety of the Bubbly. We celebrate a birthday party. And we’re giving back to a great cause!


We are crazy about Dallas Uncorked, and joined in the sparkle and fizz at last night’s  Dallas Uncorked 7th Birthday Champagne Celebration.

Running the show at Dallas Uncorked, our great friends – and chief cork-poppers –  Hayley Hamilton and Gary Cogill.

Gary Cogill and Hayley Hamilton Of Dallas Uncorked

So many champagne corks were popping you’d think we’d fallen into a butter-seduced coma from a movie theater.  In truth, the fizz, fun and festivities took place at The Wine Therapist.

The bubbly produced more than just a great celebration – last night’s Champagne sparkled with donating a portion of the proceeds to The Stewpot.  It’s an organization helping and assisting the homeless.

Served alongside the bubbles were perfectly produced food pairings.  You’ll find delicacies, decadence and deliciousness a way of life at  Dallas Uncorked Blog.

As they so eloquently say, it’s a “journey through impecable wine, decadent food we enjoy (and often create), gourmet inspired travel and joyous celebrations.”


Infact, many of you may remember the amazing and To-Die-For Creamy Mushroom Soup recipe I shared with you.  Yep, an Uncorked prize-winner.

Dallas Uncorked is one of the non-profits we are crazy about and support through our CrazyWithACause project.

Because yes, we are crazy. CrazyWithACause!

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