Mar 30

CHECK THIS OUT!! Exclusive Zig Ziglar!

Pinch me.

Go ahead!  Because it still seems like a dream – only it’s A DREAM COME TRUE!

Like this photo:  Mr. Zig Ziglar and me after my speaking engagement!

Picture at Zig Ziglar Corporate Headquarters March 25 2011

Maria Luce "The Empowered Mom" with Mr. Zig Ziglar!!

The Empowered Mom – more empowered than ever!

I was asked to do a presentation about The Empowered Mom at Zig Ziglar’s Corporate Headquarters Monday morning.   Wow! What a way to start the week:  for one of the world’s top motivational and premiere key-note speakers and authors!  Ten of his 25 books have been best sellers.  He inspires, motivates and encourages others through his true stories of faith and life. What a fascinating storyteller; you can share in the inspiration at http://www.zigziglarstory.com/ .  

 Greeting you as you enter:  the “Wall of Gratitude” – photos of influential and inspiring people in his life.  I can tell you – this photo of Mr. Ziglar and I will grace “The Empowerment Wall” for The Empowered Mom!

He encouraged me to continue sharing my story and my passion for The Empowered Mom and my mission.  Do you have a “Mission Statement” for your life?  For yourself? For your family and children?  http://www.ziglar.com/.  Work on that today. 

As you already know – and as you get to know me, I call this ‘my building blocks’.  Building my life on a solid foundation.  My faith, my family, my purpose and my passions fuel the best me possible and use the gifts and blessings to give back to others.  Most importantly, guiding and teaching my children as The Empowered Mom. 

Check back for the video – so many have been asking!!  Thank you for the responses and for the I’ll get that to you!

What do you want?  What are your dreams?  Make them happen.

You will be happier, more powerful.  And your kids will too. Give them the gift of a fulfilled, empowered Mom!

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