May 23

After The Storms, Looking For Missing Loved Ones? Here’s Help. And How YOU Can Help Now After The Storms.

America’s Heartland is Heartbroken today.

Are you looking for a loved one, or just desperate to help others and don’t know how?  Here’s some essential information, websites and resources for you.

Right now, sites are already set up to assist locating those missing or others unaccounted for as of yet.

We are not helpless – you can make a difference.  Here’s how you EMPOWER yourself, your community, OUR world amidst devastating storms. Floods in the south, recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, and now tornadoes overnight virtually erasing the town of Joplin, Missouri off the map, and battering several other towns in Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Want to help, but don’t know what to do?  There ARE ways you can help now. YOU can help make an Impact after the storms.

And you can TEACH YOUR KIDS to help too.

Here’s some resources for all the latest information.

The American Red Cross: Tornado Disaster Newsroom Resource posts recent updates and latest relief  information.

Looking for a loved one?  Check here:  Red Cross Safe And Well Website

There’s also a  Facebook Joplin Tornado Info already set up with people posting available places to stay, ways to help, missing persons searches, “I’m alive” posts, as well as the latest and most current information from some people on-the-scene.


Many more relief organizations that were already helping across the South because of the floods and are now being called into action in the Midwest.

The Salvation Army also has updates with crews already on the scene with medical care, food and relief shelter.

Want to volunteer?  Go here: Salvation Army Volunteers Want to donate?  Click here: Salvation Army Donations
Teaching your kids to be empowered is crucial.  It helps them feel strong, valued, reduces thier fear and reinforces that – if it did happen to them – others would be there ready to help.

Here’s another comprehensive resource for ways to help:  CNN’s “Impact Your World” program.
Learn more at http://CNN.com/Impact
Other agencies include:

Impact Your World and www.cnn.com.

Check back often for updates as this situation unfolds.

Make a difference in the lives of others and teach your kids ways they too, can help.  It will change their lives for the better.  And teach them empowerment.


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