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9 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Empowering Ways To Talk To Your Kids About The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

Are your kids asking you questions you can’t answer?  Not sure how to handle this with your children?

Here’s some tips on Talking about the death of Osama Bin Laden and other news with your children.

The dawn of this century was ushered in by the violence and the attack on the United States during on 9/11.  In the wake of news of the attack and death of Osama Bin Laden: This is about rising up not in hate but in optimism. This is about what it is to be an American. This violence led by Bin Laden will forever shape the lives of your children!  Addressing this major event with your children is crucial.

Do you ever find yourself without answers to your kids’ questions? As parents, sometimes WE struggle for what to say to our sweet kids.  And while you may not know how to answer and what to say – NOT answering their questions is worse.  It doesn’t address their feelings and concerns. And this event of the death of Osama Bin Laden may very well be one of the most significant events to happen in American history -this is a perfect opportunity to open up discussions on a variety of topics.

The Empowered Mom℠ arms herself with tools when tackling the tough stuff.  Not sure how to talk about major news stories with your kids?  Here’s some tips you can use when talking to your kids about what’s happening in the world or in the news.

Thank Our Military And Our Troops and teach American Patriotism. Our American Military puts their lives on the line everyday for our freedom.  Teach your kids gratitude and courtesy at the service, work, duty and sacrifice untold servicemen and women offer everyday. These are valiant men and women. Their families sacrifice as well as they serve to pursue the ideals, fundamentals of the beliefs of the United States. We were founded on the basis of freedom of expression, our troops and our leaders serve daily to that cause. Salute our troops, thank them, hug them: THEY DESERVE IT!!

Teaching History Remember, the lives of almost 3000 Americans were killed on September 11, 2001, including 343 firefighters.  People of every race and religion. And untold thousands of innocent people have been killed since that time. Many children have known nothing but the evil, violence and death caused by Bin Laden and the Taliban.  In 40 minutes last night in the attacks against this evil man the world did change. Talking about this brings many ways to bring up a myriad of events to discuss.  May the lives of our children our change forever for the better. And may this momentous occasion mean opportunity in the lives of children worldwide.

We Are Not Celebrating Death And Killing People Is Not Good Make sure you we are not pro-killing, nor is the United States.  This is a crucial point to make. THIS IS ABOUT A WAR ON TERROR!! Use this as a teaching tool. This is where kids learn a lot about the values and morals of your family.   Talking about it together as a family can reinforce their sense of security.  A sense they are protected. We do not want violent extremism.  We were founded on the basis of freedom of expression, our troops and our leaders serve daily to that cause. Remember, Bin Laden ordered the killing of countless innocent men, women and children. Our country fights for freedom, for democracy, for dialogues promoting support of our differences in a peaceful forum.  The United States will never waiver in our resolve to pursue freedom.

Don’t ignore it! Especially if they’re already aware something is going on. Don’t act as if it’s not happening.  This is a chance to let your kids voice their thoughts. ASK THEM WHAT THEY THINK.

Address their concerns and their fears.  Ask them questions such as ‘what do you think of that?’  and ‘what scares you about that?’  If they are afraid of retaliation, address that our finest, the American  Military, is working hard to protect us every moment of the day, just as you Often times, kids aren’t sure of their own feelings and this gives both of you a platform to talk about it.

Use as a teaching tool. This is where kids learn a lot about the values and morals of your family.  And in this case – OUR COUNTRY. Talking about it together as a family can reinforce their sense of security.  A sense they are protected.  This is great time to talk about being prepared.  And how hard this country works to pursue our safety.  This moment you can use to discuss freedom, history, patriotism, and fundamental beliefs.

Keep it Age Appropriate. This is a momentous occasion!  And this is not overstated the impact, the importance, the significance in not only American history, but World History. But make sure you keep the details and images age-appropriate. Some of the images I’ve seen are very graphic and bloody, and for many kids unnecessary They can’t make sense out of a lot of it and feel overwhelmed.  This can cause your kids anxiety and an overall sense of fear.  Having spent years in the news business as an anchor and reporter, I know it’s not all appropriate for kids.  Your toddler or 4-year-old can’t process what’s happen, but your older children can and will forever remember hearing this news.

Reassure them. Let them know you’re there protecting them, just as our United States Military works daily and sacrifices to do the same for us everyday. Remind them you’re keeping them safe.  Tell them what you hope for and how others are already helping out around the world.  More than anything, your kids want comfort knowing they’re going to be okay. They want reassurance, they need it.  So, reassure them about the safety of our country in the wake of fear of retaliation against the United States by Al Qaida.  Remember, our President, our Military is working this very moment and everyday, all day to secure our safety.

Keep a Balance. Balance their awareness of world,national or local events with living your own lives.  Sometimes they see or hear about something at one part of the day and then go on to something else.  Come back to it, especially if they talked about it in school.

Your children look to you for guidance, for answers  and security.  Offering these gives your kids power —  and that is living as The Empowered Mom℠.

This occasion by the United States is an Empowered America!

This is about heroism, humanity, strength and the American spirit that will prevail.  God Bless These United States!


  1. Tess Hardwick

    My oldest daughter, 8, is a very worried and fearful type of little girl. She’s super sensitive and after hearing about Bin Laden last year started worrying at night that he was going to come to our little town and try to kill us all like he did on 9/11. So, I found this such a wonderful and real post about how to deal with this issue. Especially as a Christian, I struggle with my own jubilance about his death, knowing that Jesus asks us to love our enemies. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks from a mom out here for this insightful post. Keep them coming. The moms out here need you.

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Hey Tess! Having worked in the news biz for many years as an anchor and reporter – I’m keenly aware that much of news and world events may not be appropriate for all ages – and can breed fear if not handled age-appropriately and, as you said, geared toward the different personalities and sensitives of each child.
      But as age affords, much of it can be used as “Teaching Tools” – especially according the beliefs, values and morals within each family. That, in my view, is valuable beyond measure. And I agree with you, some of the news – as presented – as adults, we are able to discern the images, content, etc. – younger, innocent kids can not. And seeing some of these images could appear as the celebration of death, helping the your children guide that slippery slope and gearing toward patriotism can help. While shielding younger eyes from most of it, and using as a platform of discussion for the older kids.
      Again, this kind of feedback is invaluable and so very much appreciated! Please continue sharing your thoughts, input and story ideas. So many amazing women and moms!!

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