Apr 06

5 Things to do Today To Change Your Life

If there is one thing you should invest in today. It’s yourself.

Here’s how.  Here’s five things you can do TODAY to Empower Yourself.

Regardless of the perceptions and beliefs that may be holding you back, there are specific things you can do to transform them and embrace more empowering beliefs. Below you’ll find five easy ways to help you switch your perspective from disempowerment to empowerment:

1. Compliment Yourself. Don’t be a critic. Or your worst enemy.  You know that voice, you berate, you belittle, you beat up yourself!  Today, don’t.  Be aware of your thoughts and you know that negative, mean voice?  Gag her.  Or tell her to shut up.

2. Forgive yourself. This a good one. You made mistakes in the past, but the good news is we all have. I know I have!  Take comfort in knowing it is part of self-growth to make mistakes. Learning to forgive is really the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.

3. Challenge your fears and barriers to belief. Are you seeing barriers or possibilites?  Many of our thoughts are already undeniable truths we’ve already made up our minds about.  Then you don’t stand a chance.  In order to fully empower yourself, get into the habit of questioning and challenging any limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that come up about you or your capabilities. Are they really true? Why do you think so? Have you ever tried to prove them wrong? By asking questions like this and being willing to expand your perceptions, you quickly realize that you are the only one holding yourself back.

4. Affirm and Accept.  Disempowerment stems from the beliefs that you’re weak or powerless. Kick that to the curb! Begin changing your perception by affirming frequently that you are strong, powerful, talented and capable! Build yourself UP instead of tearing yourself down!

5. Action. A crucial step.  When you’re disempowered, the consequences are that you usually hold back on taking action.  Either you are scared or feel that it’s futile to try and change anything.  And you feel:  Trapped. You first think that if you wait until you feel stronger before you take action, it will be better — here’s the trick: if you take action – you will feel strong.  And you got it – taking action will empower you.  Come up with one small action you can take, push your fear aside and then go for it!  Make that call, revisit your goal, look up that class, send that email.  Then keep that positive cycle going by taking small action steps and moving forward bit by bit, and eventually you’ll realize that you are anything but weak and powerless!

This list could really go on and on and on.  And we will revisit this adding more.  Each day you can add more of your own and bring some positive, empowering energy into your life, your psyche.   There’s so many different things you can do, even the ones which seem so small add so much more than you may know.

Now, ask yourself: What can you do today to empower yourself?  What are you grateful for? What can you do to feel stronger, to feel better? Where can you have an immediate impact – first and foremost – your thinking!

Now, make this promise.  To yourself.

Breathe in renewal, exhale negativity.  You will shine, which will energize you to be the best YOU possible.

Go Conquer Your World…One Step at a Time!


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