May 17

Star-Studded Weekend of Getting Crazy With Pat & Emmitt Smith – CrazyWithACause!

We got CRAZY over the weekend!

CrazyWithACause℠ that is – and this time it was a fabulous weekend of GIVING, GIFTING and GOLFING.

Oooooh child!  Let me tell you – the STARS and Celebs were out in force – and rocking the red carpet at the glittering gala!

I’m so excited I was able to take part and to help out with Media coverage….  check out some of the other juicy details with my exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Pat & Emmitt Smith rock the red carpet at Opening Night for The 2nd Annual Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational

But Friday night was just the tip beginning of a star-studded affair, the excitement was only just beginning and you won’t believe all the events.

Tons of media were on hand, anxious to cover the star-studded events, including the powerful resource for and about today’s star entrepreneurs, YFS Magazine.

Take time to read this fantastic article by YFS.  It is WELL-WORTH your time and is chock full of valuable information on cause marketing and the impact of combining of the perfect power couple:  business & philantrophy.  Included: four proven tactics on blending business with charity.

But, back to the Red Carpet.

Besides Pat & Emmitt, others included: Daryl Johnston, Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer John Randle, Clay Walker, Sean Salisbury(former NFL QB), Michael Finley (Dallas Mavericks) , Andre Gurode (Dallas Cowboys), Kenny Lofton (former MLB star), Spud Webb, Tony Casillas (Dallas Cowboys), Thurman Thomas (Buffalo Bills), Donna Richardson-Joyner, Mike Eruzione (1980 US Olympic Hockey team), Rayfield Wright, Jay Humphrey and Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. (I escorted him down the red carpet – a true gentleman, and all-around genuine human.)

Last year’s inaugural event revenue topped $600 thousand dollars. The high-impact event delivered power-packed results! This year’s revenue is anticipated to explode last year’s dollars.

This year’s 2-day exclusive soiree and private event kicked off with a VIP Reception,  High Stakes Celebrity Poker night, live on-line and on-site auction hosted by Heritage Auctions and included Once-In-A-Lifetime experiences such as attending the final show of Dancing With The Stars WITH Emmitt & Pat.  You may recall, Emmitt Smith won his Dancing Championship in 2006.

Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities (PESC) is a 501(c)(3) public charity that creates educational experiences and enrichment opportunities for underserved children.

They “Bring the dreams and goals of disadvantaged children within reach by donating to Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities. Your support will create opportunities for these deserving children. Please join us as we pursue a reality where children have the resources necessary to realize their potential.”

As Emmitt says,

When you claim your inner champion, you will learn to see, hear and feel differently than others. So what I most want to convey here is, never, never let others define you; you define yourself.” – Emmitt Smith

Do more than just TALK – Take action NOW and GET CRAZY WITH ME!!

There are so many ways you can teach, help, serve, volunteer your time, donate or simply support.   Teaching this to your kids not only helps out others, but instills the values of community involvement and service through philantrophy and charitable support.  My kids have been actively helping for as long as they’ve known; it’s a key component  in our lives.  For, we know, by giving of ourselves, we empower others to empower themselves.  I believe, it also empowers your kids along the way!

A win-win for all – and yes, we are CRAZY ABOUT IT!!

Please take time to learn more and click the tab above on my webpage or you can check it our here and find out more about why crazy about my CrazyWithACause Project.

Because – as I say: Call me crazy — it won’t be the first time someone has — and TRUST me, it won’t be the last.

Through the craziness of motherhood, we laugh, we cry, we share and grow.  We also GIVE BACK – thus, my CrazyWithACause began. One of my reasons for The Empowered Mom’s is sharing the journey, the laughs and ways to give back.  It’s one of my building blocks.  Through my CrazyWithACause™ Project, I passionately promote philanthropy and charitable causes. It’s my belief that by uplifting others, we create a better community, a better world.  I encourage you, as parents, to empower your kids by embracing new ways of making a difference, and giving back.  We know teaching our kids to give back comes in many ways – giving can be by DOING.

CrazyWithACause℠ is connected and active in several non-profit organizations. You’ll be learning more about them in the upcoming days, weeks and months. Some of them include:  our fantastic friends at Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, also  The One Heart Project, our dear friends and founders of Dallas Uncorked and our belief and close ties with Minnie’s Food Pantry. We believe in all these causes; we support, volunteer and are active with them, more importantly, our children are as well.

Share with me how you teach your kids ways to share, give back and help others! I’d love to hear about it!  And if you’d like to hear more about these organizations and how you can become active, please give me a shout.

I love being CrazyWithACause.  C’mom!! Get Crazy With Me.


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