May 17

Burned Out? It’s Parental Burnout. It’s Real – Here’s Tips To Help You And Your Family

Parental Burnout. You probably know it. You probably live it. Are you burned out? Stressed out. Overwhelmed. Over-stressed. Over-scheduled. And just OVER it all?! As parents – the pressure is intense. And frankly, sometimes just too much. No more adulting. It’s too hard to parent and adult and take care of the children. Face it: …

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May 14

Mother’s Day-The EMPOWERED Mom Way

Today is ‘officially’ Mother’s Day. But let’s get real. Every day is Mother’s Day. Meaning: every single day we mother, we are mothered, we are loving, we are loved, we are our children’s mothers, we have our own mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors, and incredibly brilliant women in our lives that brilliantly impact our lives, …

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Apr 26

Strikes of Beauty. Glimpses of Grace. Empower Your Kids Through Storms.

Strikes of Beauty. Glimpses of Grace. Empower Your Kids Through Storms. A cacophony of sounds keeps me from sleep. Storms slamming into the area again. Claps of thunder morphing into giant symphonies now crescendo across the night skies. Lightning crackling, sizzling and dazzling a light show across the darkened night. Whimpers join in…. from the …

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Apr 13

Your Wine Glass. How It Can Determine Your Path

So, ask yourself this:  Are you a Wine-Glass-Half-Full or a Wine-Glass Half-Empty person? Many of you know this phrase as just a ‘glass half-full’ — I decided – to somewhat improve on this sentiment.  On behalf of Moms and Dads everywhere… And of course – we all know – it depends on the glass, because …

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Mar 13

Empowered Action Steps To Improve Your Life Today

Five Empowered Action Steps To Change Your Life Today How do I become Empowered? How can I change my life for the better? How do I start? Where do I start? That’s key. You want to change your life right now, today? Here’s how: Follow these simple, easy, step-by-step Empowered Action Steps for your new, …

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Mar 08

Empower Yourself Today! 3 Easy Steps. International Women’s Day Today!

Do you empower yourself and feel celebrated everyday? I would bet the answer, if we were honest, is no. But today is the perfect day for you to do something, even ONE thing to empower yourself and realize how important you are, how much you matter, how you are infinitely capable, you change lives, you …

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Mar 06

Change Your Life Today! 50 Most Empowering Words

  50 EMPOWERING WORDS Need to feel empowered today? Here’s how. Suffice to say, words CHANGE LIVES.   They move us to move mountains.  They break spirits.  They can also build, embolden, and yes, EMPOWER. Words have brilliance and the potential power to unleash emotions strong enough to overwhelm each and every one of us.  Words incite …

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Mar 02

Brain Drain Cabernet. Comfort Me With Cabernet.

   THE BRAIN DRAIN CABERNET   Dr. Suess and wine. Now that’s what you need, no-really, you do! That’s the good Dr.’s prescription for today. You have his permission! Here’s why: Today is Dr. Suess Day (also National Read Across America Day), so in his honor and back by Popular Demand and Numerous Requests, I am …

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