Mar 13

Empowered Action Steps To Improve Your Life Today

Five Empowered Action Steps To Change Your Life Today How do I become Empowered? How can I change my life for the better? How do I start? Where do I start? That’s key. You want to change your life right now, today? Here’s how: Follow these simple, easy, step-by-step Empowered Action Steps for your new, …

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Mar 08

Empower Yourself Today! 3 Easy Steps. International Women’s Day Today!

Do you empower yourself and feel celebrated everyday? I would bet the answer, if we were honest, is no. But today is the perfect day for you to do something, even ONE thing to empower yourself and realize how important you are, how much you matter, how you are infinitely capable, you change lives, you …

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Mar 06

Change Your Life Today! 50 Most Empowering Words

  50 EMPOWERING WORDS Need to feel empowered today? Here’s how. Suffice to say, words CHANGE LIVES.   They move us to move mountains.  They break spirits.  They can also build, embolden, and yes, EMPOWER. Words have brilliance and the potential power to unleash emotions strong enough to overwhelm each and every one of us.  Words incite …

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Mar 02

Brain Drain Cabernet. Comfort Me With Cabernet.

   THE BRAIN DRAIN CABERNET   Dr. Suess and wine. Now that’s what you need, no-really, you do! That’s the good Dr.’s prescription for today. You have his permission! Here’s why: Today is Dr. Suess Day (also National Read Across America Day), so in his honor and back by Popular Demand and Numerous Requests, I am …

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Feb 11

Why Do Penises Have Such Bad Aim? (Empowering Ode To Boys)

Why Do Penises Have Such Bad Aim? I don’t understand this, I must say For I see it nearly everyday. It’s the mystery of the porcelain bowl And the stream that can’t seem to hit the hole. It befuddles, it astounds It literally goes beyond all bounds

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Feb 06


To all my women, to all my girls, to all the men – THIS. IS. HOW. YOU. MAKE. AN. EMPOWERED. MESSAGE! Congratulations Audi!

Oct 25

UNFINISHED. Why You Should Be. Why It Matters.

So here’s how this works, and you can probably relate… I get these brilliant ideas for a story, or a story idea — even a tidbit of juiciness–sparks of creativity—glimpses of genius—and I race to capture them.  Before they race away into the vast recesses of my grey matter. So I have probably oh, I …

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Oct 13

On The Air: SIZZLING Hot Topic: Let’s Talk The “P” Word. Politics & Kids

THIS MORNING we are going LIVE ON-AIR and talking the “P” word! Politics & your kids. We are taking on HOT TOPICS!  You do not want to miss this – here’s how YOU can listen and call in!! Let’s face it. This political season may the ugliest, nastiest, most divisive races in decades. And our kids …

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Sep 28

Homework Overload? How Much Is Too Much For Kids?

Homework. How much is too much? Seriously, how many of you didn’t just roll your eyes or wince in pain knowing the HOURS your kids spend on homework – or, frankly – are YOU doing it- Just.To.Get.It.Done. Many are boycotting homework for your kids – and the movement has gone viral. Here’s why.

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